Would you believe it when I say I trained as a classical pianist, piano teacher and composer?
It's actually true. So why did I begin to design and build wacky 80s-inspired furniture back in 2015-16? Because to me it was simply a different way to express myself.

I've always been someone who had a huge need to design things, even as early as the age of four. 

As a kid I loved to design whatever interested me at the time...cars, football shirts, stereos, airplains etc. So to me there's not much difference from composing a string quartet to designing a bookcase: it's all about finding a motif, a basic idea and then twisting and turning it till something turns up from chaos!

So honestly, if I hadn't studied music, and especially composition, I'm not sure I'd be able to do what I do today.

As you can hear, it's been a long journey...in fact stretching over a decade.  From being a musician, to learning the trades of carpentry and vinyl wrapping, to ending up having my own workshop and full time making furniture for people all over the world, it's been a fantastic experience so far!

Here's to a rosy future.  I look forward to fulfill your wildest furniture dreams!

Make Furniture, Not War

All the best Jakob

                                             About Dolly..

Dolly is definitely a real Spanish Princess,,,at least that's what she has told everybody since she arrived from Spain as a rescue dog. Her key roles in the woodshop are to help her daddy eat his lunch and keep the morale up with snuggles and cuteness.

About Jakob..